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Six month evaluation report on the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy

The Government has released the first report of the independent evaluation of the Government’s Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy.

The Report is part of an independent two year evaluation of the Government’s Policy, based on research into the first six months operation of the Policy.

On the basis of the Report’s findings, the Government has decided to take the following actions to address the findings of the report, and introduce additional measures to reduce the toll of alcohol-fuelled violence in a quantifiable and effective manner:

  • repeal the 1am lock out provisions which were to take effect on 1 February 2017
  • reduce the number of one-off permits to allow trading until 5am from 12 to six in Safe Night Precincts
  • limit the use of the one-off permits to “special events” to be defined by criteria approved by the Government, rather than 5am trading being “business as usual”
  • enforce the operation of mandatory ID scanners from 1 July 2017 in Safe Night Precincts
  • maintain previous measures that include 2am last drinks for venues with a late licence or 3am last drinks in Safe Night Precincts.

The Government intends to introduce a Bill in the February 2017 Parliamentary sittings to implement these measures, in particular, to remove the lockouts and restrict the circumstances and frequency when extended trading hours permits can be issued.

Given the lockout provisions will automatically commence on 1 February 2017, the provisions to repeal the lockouts are proposed to operate retrospectively to 1 February 2017, to provide appropriate protections until the Bill is passed.

To ensure the effective operation of the Government’s alcohol-related violence policy as soon as possible, the provisions restricting the granting of one-off extended trading hours permits, are also proposed to operate retrospectively.

View the Six month evaluation report on the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy (PDF, 840KB).

For further information on the Government’s actions arising out of the Six month evaluation report on the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy visit or

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24 January, 2017

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